Macbook Air M1 Laptop 13.3 inch 2020 (M1 8-Core CPU / 8GB / 256GB SSD M1 Chip)

The Most Breakthrough Performance Ever Has Appeared. The Completely New Processor Puts The Power Of 13 Inches Far Beyond The Expectation Of The User, Can Run Heavy Tasks And Duration …

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The most breakthrough performance ever has appeared. The completely new processor brings the power of 13 inches far beyond the expectation of the user, can run heavy tasks and amazing battery duration. N milline power has never seen on the MacBook Air line First Apple uses the chip produced by himself for the machine line. Apple M1 processor with 16 billion transistors, including 8 powerful multipliers, including 4 high-performance multipliers and 4 power saving, bringing Macbook Air excellent processing speed, and pulls Long battery life. As a result, MacBook Air 13 2020 M1 has a fast-moving performance 3.5 times older generations, giving you a professional jobs, heavy actions that cannot be run on the MacBook Air before. N NHACBOOK AIR 13 M1 NMACBOOK AIR 13 M1 is capable of incredible graphics on a super compact laptop. The integrated GPU on Apple M1 has 8 core and is the most integrated GPU in the world’s most current laptop. Compared to the previous generation, MacBook Air 13 2020 M1 has the ability to handle graphics 5 times stronger. Now on the extremely portable MacBook Air, you can watch and edit smooth 4K videos, even playing games as well as running in-depth graphics tasks. Nmacbook Air was previously appreciated for battery life, but with MacBook Air 13 2020 M1, you can do more. The latest MacBook Air can surf the Web continuously for 15 hours and watch videos continuously for 18 hours. It will be easy for you to work or entertain all day without interest in the power source with MacBook Air M1. Nickleabs need to go to a radiator fan, Macbook Air 13 2020 M1 can still dissip Heat efficiently by a radiator with aluminum foil. Thus, your can operate smoothly, absolutely quiet even in the dark night. N beautiful beautiful images on the Retina screen I am a standard retina screen 13.3 inch , Resolution of 2560 x 1600 pixels super sharp of MacBook Air 13 2020. All are perfect, sharp, true and exact colors are almost absolute. The MacBook Air screen supports True Tone technology and wide color strip P3 to 25% more colors than conventional SRGB standards. Whether it’s entertainment or professional graphics, the MacBook Air screen also gives you the honest, accurate and attractive look. N n n n n MacBooking Quality Audio and Photos in Calls Facetime is improved on MacBook Air 13 2020 m1. Apple M1’s image processing chip helps image quality better than ever, clearly in low light conditions. The system of 3 microphones focuses on your voice, big conversation, clear whether in a noisy environment. Magic keyboard keyboard, experience typing best keys as the name, keyboard Magic keyboard Macbook Air 13 2020 M1 is a miraculous thing. Scissor keyboard mechanisms, useful shortcuts, convenient emoticons and backlight with light sensors, all combined to create the perfect perfect today. One-touch ID Non need to take the password to enter the password, on the MacBook Air 13 2020 M1, the Touch ID fingerprint sensor will log everything with just one touch. Unlocking computers or unlocking security documents, accessing system settings, you can use fingerprints quickly and securely. N Wireless or wired connection, MacBook Air 13 2020 M1 also owns top technology today. Wi-Fi generation 6 gives fast speed, stable connection quality, wide coverage range so you still have a stable Wi-Fi in public places. Meanwhile the Thunderbolt 4 port is the most powerful and powerful connection port, when data transfer, charging or export to use multiple screens at the same time. The product on has included tax under current law onion. However, depending on the type of products or methods, the delivery addresses that can generate additional costs such as bulky shipping fees and charges, …..

Specification: Macbook Air M1 Laptop 13.3 inch 2020 (M1 8-Core CPU / 8GB / 256GB SSD M1 Chip)


Gold, Gray




Bluetooth 5.0


802.11ax Wi-Fi 6 Wireless Networking


Battery Type

49.9-Watt-Hour lithium-polymer, bulb charger capacity 30W

Graphics card

GPU 7 multiplied, 16 Neural Engine


720p facetime HD camera

CPU Full

8 multiplied with 4 high-performance multipliers and 4 power saving

Hard drive capacity



Two Thunderbolt 3 Ports (USB 4) with Support for: Charging, Display, Thunderbolt (Up to 40 Gbps), USB-C 3.1 Gen 2 (Up to 10 Gbps)

Product Weight

1.29 kg

Operating System

Macbook Air M1 Laptop 13.3 inch 2020 (M1 8-Core CPU / 8GB / 256GB SSD M1 Chip)
Macbook Air M1 Laptop 13.3 inch 2020 (M1 8-Core CPU / 8GB / 256GB SSD M1 Chip)
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