It has finally become clear when the next Battlefield will be released. After weeks of rumors and likes, EA has finally lifted the curtain on the next title in the popular game series.

The game will be called Battlefield 2042 and will be released on October 22 for PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series S / X. They will support multiplayer for up to 128 people, while versions for older generations of consoles will be limited to 64 players. There will be an opportunity for battles against AI bots, both individually and in cooperative mode with friends.

What is striking in the first place is that the game abandons the single-player campaign, as well as the historical context of the narrative, which has been imposed in the last few years, and the action will develop in the near future .

However, don’t expect lasers and spaceships, but rather improved versions of current technology, such as the robot dog from Boston Dynamics, which we saw dancing live last year, but according to the game’s creators, in two decades it will be able to shoot with a machine gun.

The context in which the action of the new Battlefield will take place is related to a global crisis caused by climate change. The main role will be played by the armies of nomadic refugees, called Non-Patriated (No-Pats), who are facing a full-scale war against the United States and Russia.

And by a full-scale war by EA, that’s exactly what they mean.

The trailer shows the typical dynamics and scale of the series, including a scene in which a soldier takes down an ATV combat helicopter from the roof of a building. However, this moment only prepares for the next scene, which is a special reference to one of the most legendary moments in the history of Battlefield.

It’s about the stunt of Stun_gravy from Battlefield 3, when in a plane duel with another player he jumps out of his machine and blows up with a bazooka that of his opponent. He then manages to re-enter his fighter. We can see the same thing recreated in the trailer for Battlefield 2042.

The game will include some new mechanics such as the ability to customize weapons in real time, as well as a dynamic system for drastically changing the environment. It will be in the context of climate change and will mean that in the middle of the battle you may be engulfed in a sandstorm or tornado.

One of the big innovations, however, is the presentation of the Specialists, who will greatly change the classes we know so far, which were strictly fixed to certain weapons and equipment. According to EA, the new system will provide much more flexibility in this regard.

Unfortunately (or fortunately) we will not be able to see battle royale game mode. Probably the reason is the not very successful experience with Firestorm in Battlefield 5, which did not receive much support from fans.

On the other hand, the game will include the familiar Conquest and Breakthrough, but also two brand new ones, the details of which have not yet been announced.

The first gameplay will be shown on July 22. Then all the details about the game will be known, which we expect to be one of the hits of the year.
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