CoD: BO4 New Multiplayer Map. Summit Returning.

“Call of Duty Black Ops 4” (aka “CoD: BO 4” ) scheduled to be released by Sony Interactive Entertainment on PlayStation 4 version on October 12, 2018. Development company Treyarch released two new multiplayer maps on their Official Twitter on October 2.

“Morocco” is one of the maps which appear in “CoD: BO4 “. According to the explanation, “A military aircraft flying over the Sahara desert is targeted for shooting by rebels who live in a small village in Morocco”.

“Summit” which was adopted in “Call of Duty Black Ops” released in November 2010 will be remade.
The theme of the map is “Communication monitoring tower built under the Cold War that exists at the top of the Urals mountain range, snowy mountain” Black Ops flashback.

The number of maps that can be played with multiplayer of “CoD: BO 4” has not been officially announced, but now total of 12 maps including 4 new remakes have been confirmed.

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