Facebook is taking on Twitch with its FB.gg video gaming portal

Facebook is taking on Twitch with its FB.gg video gaming portal-1
Facebook launches LevelUp program and landing page for gaming livestreams

Facebook has launched a Gaming Creator portal, FB.GG, which it hopes will take on the likes of Twitch and YouTube Gaming.

The Level Up program gives emerging livestreamers access to monetization tools and marketing support.

Front and centre in the hub are primarily popular titles such as Fortnite, PUBG and FIFA 18, as well as a selection of recommended streams.

By signing up prominent streamers including MelonieMac, Darkness429, MissesMae and StoneMountain64, Facebook is hoping its Gaming Creator portal, will get even more people to watch broadcasts and lure gaming creators with incentives like in-game tipping.

Facebook, Twitch, YouTube Melee over Gaming Audience

With younger audiences (especially teens) leaving Facebook in droves, Twitch has become virtually synonymous with livestreaming. The platform averages almost a million concurrent viewers at any given time, and it frequently rolls out new features, including a video-on-demand tool kit that takes aim at YouTube.

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