Amazon Prime Air’s latest delivery drone


Have you ever looked up at a large sky and wondered if you could do something in that space? It is the same with Amazon (Amazon), and they are trying to fill up the blue sky with delivery drone.

During the Re: MARS event held in Las Vegas, Amazon unveiled its latest Prime Air drone design.

According to the press release, the drone is used to identify both stationary and moving objects until it arrives at the delivery destination, as well as a variety of sensors and advanced algorithms, as well as its own. It has a computer vision and a machine learning algorithm.

You also need a “small place around the delivery destination without people, animals or obstacles” to land the drone . That does not apply to apartments in dense residential areas.

In addition, the press release states that the drone uses “sophisticated AI algorithms as well as explainable stereoscopy” to determine if there are any obstacles such as people or animals before landing.

This is an Amazon patent that was filed in June 2015 and granted this month. It is clearly described as “security camera service “. In this service, the delivery drone will play a role as a surveillance camera drone, and by geofencing it will serve as security for the property. In the patent, cameras are compatible with infrared, thermography, and night vision images, and even sound can be recorded. It is a surveillance camera service that users can choose to order weekly, monthly, hourly, or only once as needed.

Image: US Patent and Trademark Office

Delivery drone is Amazon’s dream for many years. Last month, a video of the delivery drone flying was released , and it was announced that the delivery service “Prime Air” would be launched within a few months. It is the same day as the announcement, and the day when the patent for letting the delivery drone also act as a surveillance camera drone was issued.

Source: YouTube , Vox , Amazon

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