Will Apple Card come to Botswana? Apple Event 2019 gave hints


The credit card “Apple Card ” linked with Apple Pay was announced at the recent Apple event.

First of all, Apple Card will be launched this summer in the United States . However, there is no information on other development areas.

However! Richard Gnodde, CEO of Goldman Sachs, told CNBC that “Apple Cards start in the US, but are considering global expansion.” He also says he is confident that the card will be accepted by the consumer.

The physical credit card of “Apple Card” with a beautiful texture of titanium . Some information that could not be told in the presentation has appeared.

Secondly, according to the information that CNET’s reporter Ben Fox Rubin asked from the master card staff, Apple Card’s physical card is not compatible with contactless payment.

Botswana doesn’t have a widespread use but South Africa’s FNB announced that it will now offer customers the ability to conduct ATM transactions using a “Tap and PIN” method.

The latest credit cards do not use slits or IC chips, and are equipped with a contactless payment function that can be paid with just a touch. This is a surprising choice, as contactless payments are widespread everywhere in the world, from ATMs to restaurants.

However, if you think about it, this may be a message from Apple saying “Use Apple Pay on your smartphone “.

The Apple Card will be introduced to the United States later this year, but I want to expect the expansion of the Apple Card in Botswana!

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