Xbox App For Smart TVs Without Needing a Console via Cloud Gaming

Xbox App For Smart TVs Without Needing a Console via Cloud Gaming-1
Xbox "Games Netflix" will be accessible through Samsung TVs via the Xbox App TV, so Xbox Cloud Gaming (formerly xCloud) subscribers will be able to play without a console;

Xbox Cloud Gaming users, part of the Game Pass Ultimate subscription, will be able to play games directly on Samsung smart TVs, without needing a console, through the Xbox App for TV. The news was announced at What’s Next For Gaming, a press event, last Thursday (9). The initiative was already publicised last year, when Microsoft announced its strategy in streaming games from xCloud to mobile phones, PCs and Xbox Series X / S consoles. Now, the feature takes effect from June 30 in 27 countries, but it is not yet known if Botswana is included in the list.

Microsoft’s cloud gaming service works like a “Netflix of games”. The user currently pays $14.99 per month for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and has access to a library of more than 100 games that can be accessed over the Internet through Android and iPhone (iOS), iPad and tablets, in addition to their own Xbox video games.

Xbox App TV will allow you to play games on Samsung smart TVs without needing a console through Xbox Game Pass Ultimate — Photo: Disclosure/Xbox

At first, the launch takes place in a partnership with Samsung and works only on smart TVs launched from 2022. However, Xbox says it plans to sign more deals with other brands in the future. The functionality is interesting for new users who want to start playing without having to invest in an Xbox Series X / S or a gaming PC, as well as those who already have a subscription to the service and want another device to play with.

The brand also promises that the experience of using the Xbox App TV will be as simple as using any other streaming application. Access will be made through the Game Hub present on the new Samsung TVs system, where the Xbox app will be available. Just open, log in with your Xbox Game Pass Ultimate account to start playing.

To play, you will need a joystick with Bluetooth connection. You can use your own Xbox Wireless, Elite Series 2 or the Adaptive Controller. Still, like on PC or mobile, the PlayStation joystick, DualSense, will also be compatible with the app.

The Xbox App TV Home will be similar to what is already seen on the console — Photo: Disclosure / Xbox

More News

The big news doesn’t come alone. Microsoft also took the opportunity to reinforce its goal of making games even more accessible to the three billion players in the world and expanding streaming games. At the event, the brand also announced the expansion of Xbox Cloud Gaming to two more countries: Argentina and New Zealand.

In addition, new features were recalled and introduced to play through PC in Windows 11 . Players will be able to calibrate HDR with a new app and the system will gain a Game Pass widget, as well as a game-exclusive control bar that can be activated by connecting the Xbox controller to the PC. Microsoft Edge also gets improvements such as a gaming-focused home page , integrated Clarity Boost, popular games menu, as well as an efficiency mode.

Microsoft Edge receives the Clarity Boost tool — Photo: Disclosure / Xbox

Finally, a new project that promises to help players experience games that will arrive in Game Pass was also revealed. With the name of Project Moorcroft, it aims to give more chances for independent developers to promote their games. That way, users will be able to play demos and receive rewards for helping with feedback for the new game.

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