The most intriguing games announced at E3 this year

The most intriguing games announced at E3 this year-1

After a one-year absence due to the coronavirus pandemic, the biggest event in the gaming industry is back. Although in an online format, without live contact with fans and the absence of names like Sony and EA, the E3 took place and did not disappoint at all.

As a matter of fact, some of the big news came before the event, which lasted four days. EA chose to announce Battlefield 2042 on its schedule. For its part, E3 coincided at the same time with Summer Game Fest, where the future fantasy RPG of the Bandai Namco studio – Elden Ring, whose story will be taken care of by George R.R. Martin.

However, E3 kept all the other big news and events for itself.

The first came from Ubisoft, which gave more information about the future shooter Rainbow Six Extraction . It will appear on September 16 and will focus on tactical elements and the PvE cooperative game.

Regarding Far Cry 6, it was announced that the game will include a special DLC, which will allow fans to enter the roles of the villains from the previous three titles.

“Fans will have the opportunity to delve into the distorted minds of these iconic villains, reveal their stories and engage their inner demons,” the Ubisoft statement said.

The DLC itself will be included in the Gold and Ultimate editions of Far Cry 6, which is scheduled to debut on October 7.

But Ubisoft didn’t seem to intend to end the interesting news and surprised everyone by presenting the first game trailer from the world of Avatar. Its name will be Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora and will allow players to take on the role of one of the tall blue creatures of the Na’vi people who face the human invasion of their world.

The game has not announced a specific release date, but is expected to be ready sometime in 2022.

Xbox and Bethesda Games used the second day of E3 to hold their 90-minute event, announcing an impressive number of games.

One of them is Bethesda ‘s science fiction open-world RPG Starfield . It will be something like a space odyssey that will tell the story of a group of space explorers called the Constellation, and players will have complete freedom to “create their own stories.”

For now, the premiere date is fixed for November 11, 2022.

Microsoft has revealed what Halo Infinite’s free multiplayer mod will look like. It was supposed to be ready last November, but was eventually postponed for about a year and will be on the line this winter.

For its part, the long-awaited Diablo II: Resurrected will be able to delight millions of fans of the legendary series on September 23, while Forza Horizon 5 will be released on November 9. The new title of the popular racing series will take us through various picturesque off-road terrains in Mexico and is expected to be “the biggest and free world” in the Forza universe so far.

Another expected open-world game, but this time a vampire shooter, also gained clarity about its premiere. This is Redfall , which will be released exclusively for Xbox next summer, and somewhere between all this news at the Xbox and Bethesda events, it was announced that a special Xbox mini fridge for gamers will be released.

Have a place to put energy drinks / beers …

Square Enix also made a big impression with the surprise trailer for Guardians of the Galaxy , which, like last year’s Marvel’s Avengers (whose expansion War for Wakanda comes out in August), will also be a third-person action adventure. However, the game will focus on Peter Quill / Starlord and his unusual group of space travelers, well known from the Marvel movies of the same name. In the game, however, the characters have a different design, closer to that of the comics than the movies.

The best thing is that Guardians of the Galaxy will be released this fall – on October 26.

There was also news about one of the most popular games in recent times – Resident Evil Village. It will continue its story with an expansion, for which, however, not much detail has been given, except that it is “under development”.

On the last day of E3, the presentation of Nintendo made the biggest impression.

The Japanese giant has finally presented a trailer for the sequel to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, which at first glance did not disappoint at all. There are no specific details about the game yet, but the video still suggests the introduction of some new skills and expanding the world in the game.

It also became clear that the Metroid series will receive a sequel, which will be called Metroid Dread and will be in 2D format for Nintendo Switch. The WarioWare and Advance Wars series will also be resurrected with new sequels and remastered versions of previous games.

In addition to all this was the new Super Smash Bros: Ultimate, which will include Kazuya Mishima from Tekken as the game’s protagonist.

In the end, E3 took place, despite the prospect of it being canceled again. Although not as glamorous as in previous years, the biggest gaming event was here again and produced news that will be discussed for a long time to come.

At least until the next edition. Until then, we can only warm up the consoles and upgrade the PCs.

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