Top Smartphones of the 2010s

Smartphone choice is getting better and better. Im excited just thinking about the next 10 years. Because of smartphone, so many social networking apps such as Twitter and Instagram, and recently TikTok have cannibalized the market.

The main player in data communication is mobile. In 2018, mobiles overtook desktop by data traffic worldwide . Now you can pay for coffee at a café, open the key to a car, adjust the lighting and browse the Internet. Rather, I feel that there is a tendency of “if its not mobile-friendly, its not worth doing” (except for advanced games, editing, and modeling).

Now that 2019 is about to end , I’d like to look back on the most talked about mobile phones in the past decade.

2016 Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Image: Samsung

Galaxy Note 7 was an unprecedented mobile phone. The Samsung smartphone was packed with state-of-the-art technology at the time, including the latest iris sensor, S pen, large 5.7-inch display, and a huge 3,500 mAh battery in Note 7 .

Ironically, however, there was a serious incident that the battery ignited . It caused 100 fires in the United States. Samsung voluntarily recovered Note 7 to deal with the problem, but literally the flame did not stop. Note 7 is completely prohibited from being brought into the planes as a result.

Samsung was forced to re-evaluate the production regulations of the battery. But it worked, and the battery of the Galaxy phone didn’t cause any problems after that.

2017 Apple iPhone X

Ten years after the launch of the first iPhone, Apple has been pulling devices that are suitable for this anniversary. Touch X and the thick bezel disappeared, and the iPhone X with a gorgeous OLED display and a notch packed with many sensors marked the beginning of a new era of iPhone.

Many of the commands that were available on the iPhone, including the home button, have been eliminated , and the device has changed to a completely new device. The anniversary gadget, iPhone X, has become a special device, combined with the premium of being sold out in one year.

2018 Google Pixel 3

Google has gained experience with the past two Pixels. It seems that the modern design and software-first approach have finally come to fruition for Pixel 3.

Pixel 3 not only has components such as a rear fingerprint sensor, a colorful OLED screen, and wireless charging in Qi format, but it also seems to be a music recognition function that identifies the current music as “Who is this?” It is a device that has excellent features and a perfect balance between technology and smartness.

In addition, with Pixel’s HDR + Photo Mode and Night Sight (released right after device launch), Pixel 3 cameras are powerful enough to be a threat to any phone manufacturer. Until then, Google mobile phones seemed to be just a sideshow, but with the advent of Pixel 3, competition can no longer ignore it.

2019 Samsung Galaxy Fold

Pixel 3a The first foldable smartphone ever appeared in 2018. At that time, it still seemed a bit premature, and the evaluation was sparse (sometimes called trash). However, in 2019, with the appearance of Samsung Galaxy Fold , opinions have changed towards foldable smartphone.

Galaxy Fold is still not perfect, and the $ 2,000 price is a nightmare. Still, with the 7.4-inch flexible OLED display, we have the power to do anything from a tablet to an electronic reader.

When watching a movie on an airplane, train or bus, there will be no other device in the world that is better than Galaxy Fold. While regular smartphones with tempered glass screens won’t disappear soon, Galaxy Fold has shown us some of the unseen possibilities of mobile phones .

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