“MyFoodness” Botswana’s Food Delivery Service

“MyFoodness” a food delivery service which can deliver the dishes offered at neighboring restaurants to homes.

MyFoodness which has been launched in 2018 in Botswana, offers restaurants that does not deliver food to your doorstep a service that MyFoodness’s delivery staff mediates and delivers to the user.

Shops can reduce the cost of home delivery, and users benefit from being able to enjoy the taste of shops that they could not eat unless they actually come to the store. MyFoodness launches with a cuisine of a famous restaurant – Rodizio, Health Generation,Abyssinia (Ethiopian continental cuisine restaurant in Riverwalk), and others.

The service is similar to ‘Uber Eats’ which also provides a quick, reliable food delivery.

You can download MyFoodness app on the App store and Google Play.

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