iPad Pro, the latest MacBook Pro closer to performance

“IPad Pro” is a new model that appeared spectacularly at the Apple event. It also turned out that the “MacBook Pro” also achieved a thinner look while also showing the splendor of its redesigned look.

The top is iPad Pro of 1 TB model / 6 GB RAM that appeared in the benchmark application “Geekbench”. The score is displayed as single core: 5020 / multicore: 18217.

Now, looking at this compared to other Apple (Apple) products, the scores of the 2018 model of the 15-inch MacBook Pro are single core: 4928 to 5344 / multicore: 21165 to 22552 . The tablet is catching up with the laptop PC.


At the announcement event of iPad Pro, Apple revealed that “the new iPad Pro is faster than 92% of the portable PC sold in the past 12 months”.

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