What has changed from the old model for the new iPad Pro, MacBook Air, Mac mini?

IPad Pro dreamed of becoming a MacBook Air that has never been seen by anyone, not the usual leak-proof iPhone. It was the most exciting thing in recent Apple ‘s Special Event.

Apple (Apple) held a special event on 30th October . The venue was held at Howard Gilman Opera House , a theater in New York City on the east coast, not Steve Jobs Theater in San Francisco.


This time keynote, which took place over an hour and a half, about 90% announced new products (remaining 10% about the environment and the Apple Store).

The three new products of today !

iPad Pro


MacBook Air


Mac mini


When the original iPad was announced, its role was to fill “between” the existing iPhone and MacBook . But today the iPad has become Apple’s best selling product.


· 11 inch (Wi-Fi version)

64GB Model: $799 (excluding tax)
256GB Model: $949 (excluding tax)
512GB Model: $1149 (excluding tax)
1 TB model: $1549 (excluding tax)

· 12.9 inches (Wi-Fi version)

64GB Model: $999 (excluding tax)
256GB Model: $1149 (excluding tax)

512GB Model: $1349 (excluding tax)
1 TB Model: $1749 (excluding tax)

2018 vs 2017 model

Small model 11 inch model (2018) 10.5 inch model (2017)
height 247.6 mm (3.0 mm ↓) 250.6 mm
width 178.5 mm (4.4 mm ↑) 174.1 mm
Thickness 5.9 mm (0.2 mm ↓) 6.1 mm
Weight (Wi-Fi model) 468 g (1 g ↓) 469 g
Large model 12.9 inch model (2018) 12.9 inch model (2017)
height 280.6 mm (25.1 mm ↓) 305.7 mm
width 214.9 mm (5.7 mm ↓) 220.6 mm
Thickness 5.9 mm (1.0 mm ↓) 6.9 mm
Weight (Wi-Fi model) 631 g (46 g ↓) 677 g

USB-C New installation

Since the earphone jack has disappeared from the iPad Pro, it is necessary to investigate the possibility of USB Type-C





However, by adopting USB Type-C (USB 3.1 Gen 2 compatible), you can connect to a 5K display or reverse-charge the iPhone with a USB Type-C – Lightning cable. The loading of the SD card via the adapter will be faster, too.

Apple claims that iPad Pro is faster than the world’s 92% portable PC * .

Today, iPad Pro (and its peripheral devices), MacBook Air, Mac mini announced are all released 11/7.

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